Brotherhood system opens when your character reaches level 50 and finishes the corresponding tasks. However, not all the features in that system open at the same time. The following article will introduce each feature one by one.

Collect BrothersEdit

The very first step is to collect brothers. You may collect brothers in 2 ways: through traveling and through invitation.


To collect brother by traveling, click on “Brotherhood” → click on “Travel” at the bottom right corner → and you can start traveling. Each travel costs a certain amount of silvers, make sure you have enough in your pocket. You can find each of them one by one by clicking the campus on the bottom right corner; you can find 10 at once by clicking the campus on the bottom left corner with “one click travel”.
Challenge the brother you find, the challenged brother will be collected if you win the fight. Each brother can only be collected once. If the brother you find has already been collected, you will receive his/her invitation letter instead.
Eastern Fame: If you want to go to the next map, you will need to meet the required Eastern Fame in order to turn on the next map. To increase your Eastern Fame, you may collect more brothers and upgrade your brothers.


This feature opens when your character reaches level 51. To collect brothers by invitation, go to “Brotherhood” → click on “Invitation” on the top → if you have 5 invitation letters from the same brother, the brother will introduce a better brother (better color) to you. Press “Recommend” to complete this step.
Hint: The ranking of the brother has been graded by colors. The order of the color is white → green → blue → purple → gold → red.

Recruit BrothersEdit

You can put at most 9 brothers on the array. To recruit them into the array, click on a recruit block, the available brothers will be shown. Click “Hire” to place them into the array.


Most of the brothers have special connection with one another. Check his/her fates to see the relationships. Placing the brothers with the same fates gives you extra attribute powers.

Making Brothers StrongerEdit

Equip JadesEdit

This feature opens when your character reaches level 56. To equip jades for a brother, click “Brotherhood” → “Ornament”. You may click on “Replace” to place all best jades on in one click. Certain spots open when the brother reaches the required level. You may still equip a jade, but the attributes does not count.

Level upEdit

To level up a brother, click “Brotherhood” → click on the brother you want to level up → click “Level up”. You may use an EXP pill or click “Level up” to consume the reserved exp.

Rank upEdit

To rank up a brother, click “Brotherhood” → click on the brother you want to rank up → click “Rank up” → the required materials and pills will be displayed at the bottom of the interface, make sure you have enough → click on the button “Rank up” on the bottom right.


To refresh a brother, click “Brotherhood” → click on the brother you want to refresh → press “Refresh” to enter the refresh interface. Different colors of the brothers unlock different number of lines. Each line gives the brother an amount of attribute. Refresh them to get a better attribute. You may click “Refresh” to refresh with “Refresh Pill”; or you may click “Gold” to refresh with 5 golds each time.

You may also lock up the specific line that you are satisfied with so the amount won’t change. To do so, simply click the locker on the right side of the line.


This feature opens when your character reaches level 56. The Sacred Beast Array in Brotherhood gives you a great amount of extra attributes. To access to the interface, click on “Brotherhood” → “Array” on the top.

The Dragon Array gives you extra ATK or AP;

the Lion Array gives you extra Knock and AP Def;

the Phoenix Array gives you extra HP and Block;

the Frog Array gives you extra Luck and Ignore Def;

the Kirin Array gives you extra Def and Hit;

and Brave Troops Array gives you extra Tough and Dodge.

You may use material (array pages) to level, or you may use silver to level up. Please note that there is a limitation of silver-level-up each day.