The Beelzebub feature opens when your character reaches level 43. In previous guild about level up, I have already introduced a little about Beelzebub (link: In this instruction, I will show you the detail about this feature. So sit back and relax. Here we come!


To check the Beelzebub you encountered, click “Devil” on the main interface → make sure you stays on the “Beelzebub” page. The encountered Beelzebub will appear on the left side of the page.

Encounter a BeelzebubEdit

If you want to encounter a Beelzebub, you will need to go into an instance and pass it (clearing instance does not gives you a chance to encounter a Beelzebub). There are 5 ranks of Beelzebub and may distinguish them by their colors: white, green, blue, purple, and gold. The better color gives you more merits after defeating it.

You may also summon a gold one by spending 20 golds. Simply click the “Summon” button to do so.


Challenge a BeelzebubEdit

To challenge a Beelzebub, select the one you want to challenge → click “Challenge” at the bottom right corner to start the fight → there are 3 options you may select. Click “Challenge” to fight the Beelzebub with your normal strength; click “Fight” to fight the Beelzebub with 3 times of your normal strength; or click “Death Fight” to fight the Beelzebub with 11 times of your normal strength (note: “Death Fight” can only be used against gold Beelzebub). The cost of each selection is different, please be aware. If you don’t have enough Boss Order, you may wait for a while to recover. Or you may spend 10 golds to purchase 1 by clicking the “Purchase” button.

Defeat a BeelzebubEdit

The first 2 Beelzebub you killed gives you experience, silver, merit, and cultivation points while the rest only gives you merit. Therefore, it is wise to defeat the higher rank Beelzebub first to receive a better amount of the rewards.

The “Find Reward” on the right hand side gives you extra experience, silver, and cultivation. You may only receive them 3 times a day. Click “Reward” to receive them.



The merits you get from killing Beelzebub is useful. You may claim the Merit Rewards once you have met the required amount. The reward set depends on your character level.

Character level 43 to 59: experience pill, cultivation points, silvers, and lv. 5 accessories;

Character level 60 to 79: planet power, silvers, anger pills, silver orders, and gold orders;

Character level 80 and up: planet power, silvers, anger pills, silver orders, gold order, and pure spirit materials.

*Hint: Merit clears at 00:00 every day, please collect the rewards timely. The uncollected rewards cannot be reclaimed.


Go to “Rank” to check the current ranking of merit.


The “Reward” page shows the rewards that will be given out according to the ranking every day at 00:00.