Sabers use swords as their weapons. They attack enemies’ weak spots and kill them in one shot. They have great mobility and accuracy in a fight.

Sabers are easy to control, therefore, they are great picks for beginners. Sabers are balance type. To upgrade a saber, player needs to focus on attack power and hit. With their fast moves and sharp swords, sabers are the winning key of Eastern battle.

Attack: ★★★☆
Defense: ★★★
Skills Piercing Chop Saber collects the inner power at the tip of the sword, swings the sward upward from the ground immediately. Dealing 4 wards of 110% damage. Increase 50 damage for each level.
Wind Swirl Saber shuttles when the wind rises, pulling enemies closer while stunning them, dealing 6 waves of 40% damage and 1 wave of 150% damage. Increase 70 damage for each level.
Celestial Array The mysterious array of Celestial has a great power that attacks all nearby enemies, dealing 25 waves of 30% damage and 2 waves of 120% damage. Increase 100 damage for each level.
Star Chaser Shooting 3 shots at once, killing the enemies in a blink, may push the enemy away, and dealing 4 waves of 150% damage and 1 wave of 500% damage. Increase 115 damage for each level.
Moon Rush The sword breath breaks through the sky like a rainbow and hit the enemies, dealing 3 waves of 150% damage and slowing the enemies. Increase 50 damage for each level.
Focused Sword Art Saber collects the inner power and becomes part of the sword, increasing self and nearby allies’ hit by 10%, last for 30 seconds.
Aurablade Protection Saber creates a layer of shield around the body, reducing 24% of the damage taken. Keep pressing the button to keep the shield on, last for at most 2 seconds.
Shadow of Null Saber swings the sword and creates 4 shadows of sword, hitting the enemies in the front and dealing 4 waves of 100% damage for each shadow on hit. Increase 150 damage for each level.
Fairy Fly Saber hops into the air and rides on the sword, creates a Sky Breaker Array when he/she lands, attacking the nearby enemies, dealing 18 waves of 65% damage. Increase 120 damage for each level. Press the skill button again to land immediately.
Shapeless Sword Saber hits the enemies in the front and knocks them into the air, dealing 19 waves of 60% damage and 3 waves of 250% damage. Increase 180 damage for each level.