Class–Melee Wizard
Melee wizards use brushes as their weapons. Their crowd-control skills are invincible. Enemies will be destroyed without any chances to escape!

Melee wizards always carry large scrolls. Those scrolls are the secret of summoning those mysterious spells.

Attack: ★★★
Defense: ★★
Difficulty: ★★★☆
Skills Oracle Array [Self-brought skill]-Triggers thousands of soul light, raises enemies into the air and deals 5 waves of 100% damage in the array.
Seal of Evil Agglomerates MP, stuns and knocks the enemies back, deals 450% damage.
Soul of Phoenix Waving the god pen brush, the soul of Phoenix appears to kill the enemies, dealing 9 waves of 80% damage.
Fury of Thunder Summon a lightning that deals 6 waves of 180% damage.
God Fire Summons the array of god flame and thunder and deals 10 waves of 80% damage and 1 of 200% damage.
Eye of Fighter's Spirit Consumes 4% of the HP and transfer them into 25% of the MP. Reducing 30% cool down of all skills.
Dance of Hurricane Summons a storm array that pulls all enemies surround and deals 18 waves of 60% damage.
Universe Thunder Summon a thunder ball that deals 24 waves of 50% damage and 1 of 300% damage. Causing the enemies stunning when the thunder ball explodes.
Recovery Increase self and teammate’s Maximum HP by 20%.
Hurricane Flame Phoenix Matchless Array Use 4% HP to summon the Flame Phoenix array, dealing 5 waves of 100% damage and 1 of 1200% damage.