Class–Ice Magus
Ice magi use fans as their weapons. They control inner power and combine it with ice element. They are the best range attackers.

Ice magi have great attack power however are weak in defense. They can cast many crowd control skills that highly depend on player’s ability. To upgrade an ice magus, player should focuses on the attack power as well as the defense abilities.

Attack: ★★★★
Difficulty: ★★★☆
Skills Hurricane [Self-brought skill] Ice magus controls the inner force and creates a hurricane that deals 3 waves of 120% AP damage to all enemies on hit.
Ice Crack Ice magus shoots an ice magic and freeze the enemy in the front, dealing 6 waves of 60% AP damage.
Double Moon Strike Ice magus swings the fan upward and knocks the enemies into the air, then swings the fan downward and smash the enemies onto the ground, dealing 3 waves of 120% AP damage.
Frozen Hit Ice magus spreads out the frozen inner power and knock away the enemies in the front, dealing 10 waves of 60% AP damage.
Ice Peak Risen Ice magus dashes backward to pull itself away from enemies and swings out frozen inner power at the same time to attack the enemies, dealing 7 waves of 130% AP damage.
Variety Ice magus travels forward. Traveling distance increases by 20 for each level.
Absolute Zero Ice magus creates an area of absolute zero with powerful inner power, dealing 12 waves of 110% AP damage.
Flash Frost Ice magus channels a flurry of ice into a cone in front of it, dealing massive damage to all enemies in the area. The closer the enemies are, the greater the damage they receive.
Explosion of Frost Ice magus explodes the frozen inner power to protect itself and knocks away nearby enemies.
Frozen Thread Ice magus recovers a certain amount of MP. The effect lasts for a while.