Barbarians are indeed wild and wooly, I mean, look at them. They might be chubby, but they are not slow at all. They are great melees with instant explosive damage. No one really knows where they come from and who they really are. If you select a barbarian, you are a loner.
Attack: ★★★★★
Defense: ★★★★★
Difficulty: ★★★★
Skills Sky Chopper Barbarian smashes the ground and knock up the enemies in the front, dealing 2 waves of 70% damage and 3 waves of 120% damage.
Main Warrior Barbarian pulls the nearby enemies toward itself and stuns the enemies at the same time, dealing 7 waves of 60% damage.
Bash of Death Barbarian hops toward a random enemy and deals 5 waves of 120% damage.
War of Blood Barbarian spins the blade and makes it into a wheel, dealing 12 waves of 70% damage and 3 waves of 120% damage.
Critical Hit Barbarian collects all the power and strikes a critical hit. The longer the collection is, the stronger the hit will be, dealing 6 waves of 80~240% damage.
Wild Barbarian increases its movement speed by 10%.
Angry Shout Barbarian makes a loud shout and increases its and allies’ penetration by 15%.
Dragon Claw When there is a target in the front, barbarian grabs the target and triggers an AOE damage, dealing 1 wave of 150% damage and 11 waves of 115% damage.
Supreme Roar There are 3 casts in total. Each of them will be triggered by continuing pressing the skill button, each cast will de-buff the nearby targets by increasing their damage taken for 2 seconds, dealing 19 waves of 65% damage.
Mad Lion Barbarian becomes mad and consumes 10% of its own HP, dealing 12 waves of 90% damage to all nearby enemies. Immune to stunning effect; 10% maximum absorbing HP, ATK +30%, damage taken +30%.