Assassins use daggers as their weapons. Moving so fast like wind, attacking so strong like thunder, they are the most cold-blooded killers.

Playing an assassin might be challenging since a player need to think fast and act fast. Assassin does not have a high defense though its attack power and knock are invincible. Increasing their defense and HP definitely increases their survivability. Players with great skills can kill enemies in battle field like a boss.

Attack: ★★★☆
Defense: ★★☆
Difficulty: ★★
Skills Full Moon Strike [Self-brought skill] Backward somersault with double-edged, dealing 3 waves of 100% ATK damage. Increase 30 extra ATK damage every Lv.
Shuttle of Swallow Fast thrusting as ghost and cut off the enemies, dealing 2 waves of 95% ATK damage. Increase 30 extra ATK damage every Lv.
Flying Dagger Shoot the double-edged out and push away the enemies, dealing 3 waves of 80% ATK damage. Increase 30 extra ATK damage every Lv.
Shadowless Kick Kick 4 times and then kick away the enemies, dealing 5 waves of 120% ATK damage. Increase 30 extra ATK damage every Lv.
Hungry Tiger Strong attack as powerful tiger, dealing 15 waves of 140% damage.
Invisible Assassin might be attacked during the invisible stage. Assassin’s attack is 100% knock triggered.
Transposition Character changes its position 5 times and then brings in phantom, dealing 10 waves 150% ATK damage.
Trap Throwing nets forward, and then dragging the enemies to the front.
Explosive Trap Set a self-exploder which can explode in a period of time causing enemies a heavy damage.
Bolt of Silence Increase the speed of self and teammate. Effect for a period of time.

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